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How was your day today?Year in Pixels it’s a different bullet journal that allows you to track in a simple, quick and easy manner your moods during the year. Every pixel represents a day! You can add notes about your day and select the emotions you felt.
It also has customizable notifications so you don’t forget any pixel.

Nonintrusive ads, watch them if you want!

* Moods, emotions and notes
* Customizable, change the colors and add your own emotions!
* Reminders
* Security password
* Export to image or .docx file
* Minimalist design and lightweight

Original idea from @PassionCarnets, go check her Instagram account!

What’s New

We opened a Discord server! Thanks Burnt!
NEW! Now you can see past Year in Pixels!
Capitalization of sentences in the note dialog

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Year in Pixels



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Developed By
Teo Vogel


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