Smart bike mode Auto Responder APK

Smart bike mode Auto Responder™ is a Android mobile app which allows you to ensure minimum distraction while riding a two-wheeler. This feature once enabled automatically replies to calls with pre-recorded text messages and doesn’t notify the rider until it is an URGENT CALL request from the caller.

This is a FREE application developed to support environment. Driving Bike is risky and we are trying to share the awareness for (no-mobile-driving). Follow Traffic Rules and Help Environment Serve You Better.

Drive Safe.

Previous Release Notes:
UI changes
Feedback Bugfixes
+ UI changes
+ Added Widget
+ Added Smart Response support for any Language
+ Added Auto Translation for 6 Languages
+ Added Configuration Screen
+ Added Smart Response ON/OFF switch
+ Updated UI
+ Bugfixes
+ Improved feedback
+ Added Ad’s
+ Added update checker
+ UI improvements
+ Major bugfixes
v9 & v10
+ Added White List
+ Added reject call option
+ Improved Notifications
+ Major bugfixes
+ Disclaimer shown once
+ Ringtone restores when app is closed in running mode.
+ Minor bug fixes
+ Disclaimer improved.
+ Notifications for Calls, Text and Urgent calls are arranged in sequence.
+ Notifications for Phone calls will get urgent symbol updated.
+ Notifications for Phone calls count increments dynamically.
+ User Manual for How to use the app included in About section.
+ Other bug fixes
+ Hides soft navigation buttons for phone’s which do not have hardware buttons.
+ Fixed App Permissions issue
+ Major UI Updates for Smooth Navigation.
+ Urgent Phone Calls Facility Included.
+ Automatic Dual SIM Detection and Settings Recommendations.
+ Smooth and Interactive Notification for Phone Call’s, SMS’s and Urgent Calls Added.
+ Help Made More Interactive.
+ FAQ Updated.
+ Added Application Version Information.
+ Feedback Facility Included.
+ Smart Response Navigation Improved.
+ Bug Fixes
+ Support for smaller size phones included.
+ Core release

Uses realm open-source library. License for which can be found at

What’s New

+ Fixed crashes and bugs
+ Updated Privacy Policy
+ Removed Ads – Enjoy Ads Free App

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